ARA story

From the love of makeup , urge for new ideas and out of the box projects ,-The Story Began-.

First Cosmetics Trade Mark /Brand FOUNDED & BASED in Qatar by us (2) Qatari ladies with limitless beauty love.

2011, the year when we lid the sparkle , started the search for products and manufacturers , attended exhibitions , tried samples, explored markets. The process lasted around (2) interesting years.

Having a name was another important aspect. In 2013 we named ourselves (ARA makeup) after the colorful tropical bird ARA and the name also happen to be carrying our initials :).

To see how will people react to the idea of having a local makeup brand, and to give them the chance to test and trust the products quality, we started small between family and friends, thankfully we received encouraging feedback and a big push to go ahead.

Coming out with Fresh/New identity was a must , 2014 was the new Name/look year and the year when (ARA professional) was officially registered. However ringing the bells, spreading the news, announcing and showcasing to the world only happened on the day we launched the website and went online in the mid of 2015.

Finally, Yes we focus on all – Varity of items, color’s, beautiful Packaging …etc – , but number (1) concern to us is QUALITY/SAFE, our mineral formulated products are Paraben and Gluten-free, never been tested on animals, made & packaged in the USA with vitamins A, C & E to provide antioxidant skin protection.

Welcome to ARA life